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This Super Spreadsheet Workout Tool is designed to help you keep track of your 10-Minute Trainer Workouts and Fitness program. 

This is most innovative and exciting way to manage your 10-Minutes a Day Fitness Journey. All you need, besides your "Kick-Butt" attitude, is Microsoft Excel.

This means you won't have to install or setup any new software.

*** Everyone knows if you want to record/calculate numbers, and make awesome looking graphs, Excel is the Best Tool there is for it.  This is exactly what Excel was designed to do. Just take a look, at the screen shots below, and you'll see what I mean.

This Excel Workout Manager info you are now viewing is a result of hundreds of hours of programming by me to provide you with amazing looking graphs, worksheets, and menus, along with having cursor placements from the page clicks go to the exact cell needed.
As my grandson says, this one has all the 
bells and whistles

This Excel Super Workout Tool is very powerful, but it is also very easy to use.   It is all Menu and Hyperlink powered.  You will never have to click on a tab to get anywhere, unless you want to of course. You will never be on a page, and not know how to get someplace else. One-Click Menu buttons are on every page, and always at the top, or intuitively placed on the page and are easy to identify for super easy 1 click navigation

*** You will continually forget that you are using a spreadsheet ***

I think You will see what I mean after reading, and viewing all the screenshots below.  

The program starts out at the Main Menu

Where you Enter your  28 Days Start Date in the 

 Green Box and that gets the ball rolling.

10 minute trainer excel spreadsheet main menu

This  beginning date  gets sent throughout the program to setup your Master  28 Day Master Calendar .

This is where you check of your workouts with just on click of the mouse. The calendar keeps track of your check marks for you, so you can try and better yourself on each 28 day fitness journey.  This computerized Main Calendar makes it very easy for you to change,  or add your own workouts by using easy drop-down selectors for the workouts.  When you start each 28 day cycle, your calendar will be set up exactly like the paper one for you. You can leave it exactly the way it is, change it a little, or change it alot.

10 minute trainer main calendar beginning

Below is how a sample calendar might after a 28 day cycle. You started on 11/17/08, and you finished up one 12/14/08. You completed 62 workouts. Great Job!!  You made some changes, added some notes, added some different workouts, etc. Now you're ready to reward yourself, maybe buy some new clothes, and open a new pristene file for your next round. 

10 minute trainer calendar



As you can see above, you also have our usual one-click buttons for your  Before Photos ,  After Photos , and your  Measurement Tracker .

Also, you have the usual Excel Workout Tools one-click Screen-Sizing Buttons.

Also, one-click buttons for info on the  Cardio-Yoga Flex  page, and the  Workouts Page .

 Cardio-Yoga Flex  page screenshot. This page mainly lays out the order of exercises, and lets you write notes.  The main thing, is  to just get your body moving, and get your 10 minutes of cardio in.


 Workouts Page  Screenshot - Provides info info on tools needed, and the order of exercises, and you can record some notes as well.


 After Photos  Page Screenshot  -- there you go. looking good!!

10 minute workout photo page

 Body Measurement Tracker   

with Graphs ( gotta have graphs! )

10 minute trainer measurement tracker

So, there you have it, Lean and Mean, and will get the Job Done for you.

I will include our our
Nutrition Tracker for the P90X in the download as well, so you will be covered on nutrition tracking as well.

Requirements for your Excel Workout & Nutrition Manager for the X+ Programs:
Excel 2000 or above is required for this one.

(A template is a file, that once opened, can be saved under any name, leaving the original file intact to be used over and over again.)  No Extra Licenses Needed for additional computers you own.

Save yourself any spreadsheet creation headaches and Wasted Hours because it has all been done for you.  You will definitely benefit from my hundreds of hours of programming on this one.


If you decide this is the Super Spreadsheet Tool you need for your 90 Day X+ workouts,  then you not only get the featured programs/files, you get numerous bonus support files, plus you also get  a lifetime of support as well. I normally respond to all email questions within 24 hours.

(Due to different Monitor Sizes, Resolution Settings, and Graphic Cards, the screen colors and screen fit, may not Be exactly as shown. What you see is how it looks on my screen. This gives you an idea of what is included in the program and what it looks like. 

If you ever lose your files due to computer crash, or some other reason, then just let me know and I will send you another one right away.

I am the creator of this product. You have permission to modify the program for your own personal use but No resale or pass along rights are granted. Also, please, no "Chop Shopping" activities, like  removing my copyright page, and making cosmetic changes, and or adding some of your own buttons, and then doing a "save as", and reselling as your own.  You can install it on as many computers as you need to, as long as it is for use by you and your immediate family.

Our Guarantee:

30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If not happy, let me know within 30 days and I will refund 100% of your money.

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10-Minute Trainer

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Thanks a lot and get yourself Fit, 10 Minutes at a Time!

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