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You Hate It!,  But You Love It!

Now, For all you X’ers and / or soon to be X’ers.

Have you used up all your worksheets from round one? 

Did you buy your videos off of eBay or someplace else and don't have a clue when to do the workouts?

Do you want to stay motivated and get some meaning out of your numbers?

Take a look at your Excel Workout Manager for the X.

This is most innovative and exciting way to manage your Fitness Journey. 

All you need, besides your "Bring-It" attitude, is Microsoft Excel.

This means you won't have to install or setup any new software.

*** Everyone knows if you want to record/calculate numbers, and make awesome looking graphs, Excel is the Best Tool there is for it.  This is exactly what Excel was designed to do. Just take a look, at the screen shots below, and you'll see what I mean.

This Excel Workout Manager for the X ad you are now viewing is a result of hundreds of hours of programming by me to provide you with amazing looking graphs, worksheets, and menus, along with having cursor placements from the page clicks go to the exact cell needed.
As my grandson says, this one has all the 
bells and whistles

This Excel Super Workout Tool is very powerful, but it is also very easy to use.   It is all Menu and Hyperlink powered.  You will never have to click on a tab to get anywhere, unless you want to of course. You will never be on a page, and not know how to get someplace else. One-Click Menu buttons are on every page, and always at the top, or intuitively placed on the page and are easy to identify for super easy 1 click navigation

*** You will continually forget that you are using a spreadsheet ***

I think You will see what I mean after reading, and viewing all the screenshots below.  

The program starts out at the Main Menu

Where you Enter your  90 Days Start Date in the 

 Green Box and that gets the ball rolling.

p90x excel spreadsheet main menu

This  beginning date  gets sent throughout the program to setup your Worksheets and your Master Schedule.

Your Next order of business should be to click on the       Main Start Up Data Sheet       

This is where you Enter your Beginning Body Stats. That way you will know how far you have progressed at the end of your 90 day fitness quest. It is easy to complete and only takes a minute or so. Just Enter your info into the  Yellow Shaded Blocks and watch as you body fat % is automatically calculated for you. You can also enter your own body fat % number from the body fat calculator page. There you can enter your caliper readings, and the program automatically calculates your body fat %. Or enter your own number from scales or other measuring device.

p90x excel main set up page

Once that is completed you can then click on the  Go To Fit Test Page  link and you can complete that page as well. As Before, Just Enter Data into the  Yellow Shaded Cells  and everything else is automatically calculated for you.

At the end of 90 days, you can come back here, and enter your new Fit Test numbers. You can also see view your End of Phase body stat numbers. Plus, You can enter other end of phase measurements if you want to as well (Chest, Thighs & Biceps). This is just one of the many pages where you can view and enter your progress numbers.

The Green Blocks below are Yellow to begin with and if you  meet or exceed  the requirements for that test your block  turns green .

You're not going to see a Fit Test Page like this one anywhere else.

The little Mini-Graph on the Fit Page is a result of user requests, so it is now here. This gives you a cool way to graphically view your Beginning and Ending Numbers.

p90x excel fit test

As you can see from the previous screen shots you have clickable Menu Links at the Top of Every Page. There are logically placed links embedded in most pages as well. You can jump from page to page with ease in this program.

Sometimes you don't even realize you are using a spreadsheet due to all the clickable links and menu items.

Now take a look at your Command Center Page. Your  Master Schedule .

Your  Master Schedule  is where you can view and manage a nicely color coded layout of all your X Program Workouts.

All the workout blocks are clickable links to that particular worksheet. You can jump to anywhere you want to go from this Command Center Page.

It includes All 3 Workout Programs, all on ONE PAGE

  1. Classic
  2. Lean
  3. Doubles
This program covers all 13 weeks. Beware of programs covering only 12 weeks.
It is a 90 day program not 84. Week 13 is just as important as all the other weeks.

P90X Excel Master Calendar

As you can see, everything is nicely formatted in an easy to use interface. You just click on a workout you want to view or complete, and the program sends you right to it. One click and you can come right back, or go somewhere else in the program. It is color coded for even easier viewing. There are also screen sizing buttons on the page for easier viewing as well. Also, The current day's Day Number is always highlighted in Green for you. 

When your workouts are completed, you just X them off on your  Master Schedule . The small check boxes are to keep track of your completed Ab Ripper X Workouts. It's a good feeling to watch all your X's add up.

Let's click on your first workout. If you are doing the Classic Routine, click on  Chest & Back + Ab Ripper X

Here is a screenshot of the Chest & Back worksheet you just click on, and were taken directly to. As with every page, you have your clickable Menu Links at the Top, as well as page sizing buttons. (Full-Screen, Zoom 75%, Zoom back to 100% screen, and the little monitor with "The End" on the screen turns off the Full-Screen Feature. Full-Screen mode is great because you get to see alot more of the worksheet.  No other spreadsheet or program out there has this feature. 

p90x excel chest and back worksheet

The sheet also keeps a weekly track of your main benchmark exercises like Push-Ups and Pull-Ups. You may not see the color/progress shading in Excel versions lower than 2007. You can enter your numbers directly into the worksheet and it is stored there for future reference and graphing.

Some X'ers like to record their numbers on their hard copy worksheets during the workout, and when they are recovered, enter their recorded numbers into their Excel Workout Manager for  the X. I have quite a few customers who just set their laptops up in their workout area, and when Tony says record it, they just walk over to their laptop, and a couple clicks to enter their numbers, and they are done.

Every worksheet shows you a graphic of what Tools are needed for that workout, plus you have room for notes at the bottom of each sheet. For Each workout, where Ab Ripper is next,  the link is on the worksheet for you to go to the EXACT, and CORRECT Column, and Block. Each Main Workout Log Sheet has an easy quick link to jump right to the graph for that workout. Just click on the little monitor with graph on it. It is that easy. It is always nice to see a graphical representation of your hard work and progress!

Here is a Screen Shot of a   Chest & Back   workout Graph. 

p90x excel spreadsheet chest & back graph

Your  Excel Workout Manager  for the X gives you Advanced Graphing, where you have total control of the numbers  you want to see, and the numbers, you don't want to see.

Advanced Graphing with dual scaling. You don't have to enter special calculator numbers for the graphs to look right due to higher numbers from the weight exercises. It will calculate all sets, to include the weights, and not just 2nd reps only.

Advanced Graphing with Many Ways to Filter. 

This is the ultimate in one-click control.

For example, in the screenshot below, click on the Burly Marine Guy  and only see nothing but Pull-Ups on the Graph. OR Click on Push-Up guy  just to only see your Push-Ups, or Click the ALL Button, Or Click the UnCheck ALL Button, and then just click on the exercises you want to see on the graph. You have top and bottom control of clicking individual exercises. They are in sync. You can select whichever ones you want or don't want to view. 

You also get screen-sizing buttons for easier viewing as well.  You will not find this feature in any other spreadsheet or program.

Here, you just clicked on Burly Marine Guy and it automatically shows nothing but Pull-Ups.

p90x excel spreadsheet pull ups onl graph

More Advanced Graphing features

You won't see any nosediving of the lines if no data exists, as you're going to get with the others.

p90x excel legs and back chart

You get Worksheets for ALL the Workouts.

p90x excel worksheets menu

And All the Graphs as Well

p90x excel graphs menu

What if you need to miss or reschedule a workout?

All you have to do is just change the calculated date on the  Master Schedule  to your actual workout date, and the remaining calendar dates automatically recalculate themselves.

All the worksheets automatically update their dates as well. What could be easier than that? No certain steps to remember, or special procedure required, as with others.

This program allows you to be flexible. Run the 90 days straight, or reschedule as you need to with no worries. All the Dates on the worksheets, reports, and charts,  automatically adjust themselves when a date is changed on the Master Schedule.

Some X'ers just run the 90 days and do the workouts exactly as scheduled. They do the workout scheduled for that day when they can get it in. If they miss, for example, their Plyometrics day, and don't workout until the next day, they do the Shoulders workout. The day they missed doesn't get X'd. The program adds up all the X's and they know how many workouts were done and missed in 90 days. For example, at the end of 90 days the program calculates 82 workouts completed. Then on their next 90 days, they try to better themselves by completing 83 or more workouts in 90 days.  Both systems have their Pros and Cons. You could do both methods if you wanted. Miss some, reschedule some, etc. It's that easy.

Another great feature of this program, is your weekly Check-Up Pages. Normally, on the morning after your X-Stretch, or Rest Day, you can Enter your Weekly Check-Up Numbers. Enter your Weight, Waist, Hips, and Neck measurements in the  Yellow Shaded Cells ,  and watch as your Body Fat %, Weight Loss, Fat Loss, and Lean Body Mass Numbers are automatically calculated for you. This program includes ALL 13 Weeks of Check Up Pages. You have a side tab, on the form,  with clickable links for easy navigation between all the check up pages.

p90x excel spreadsheet week 8 checkup sheet

Johnny X'r here on his 8 week checkup has lost 12.00 pounds, but the most exiting number is that he has actually lost 18.58 pounds of fat, due to a 6.58 pound increase in lean body mass.

ALL These handy Check Up Pages give you the ability to easily record your weekly body stat numbers in just a few blocks and they automatically build your 13 Week Progress Journal. You don't have to enter anything, but just click on the links to it go to it and view your weekly body stats progress.

p90x excel spreadsheet progress journal

It is always nice to see the Lean Body Mass Line go up, and the Fat Weight Line go Down.

Don’t forget about Nutrition

The other half of the fitness equation is diet and nutrition. (Clean Eating).

Included, at No Xtra Charge  is your X Program Nutrition Manager.

This Program helps you follow The 3-Phase Nutrition Plan,  which is designed to help you lose fat  while maintaining high energy levels.  


This Portion plan is designed for those who don't have a lot of time or patience to prepare a meal that involves  more than one or two steps. lt is definitely better suited to those who don't like to cook and follow recipes.

You are provided with 13 weeks of easy to use meal log sheets INCORPORATING THE EASY TO USE PORTION PLAN APPROACH.

All the Meal Logs are easily accessible by the Nicely formatted Main Nutrition Calendar

This Main Nutrition Calendar lets you jump to any day's meal log with a single click, and back again with no problem.

p90x excel menu for the nutrition guide

All the above dates are automatically calculated from the Main Menu and set up for you. Just click on any date to go to that day's easy to use Meal Log.  You can Also Jump to any of the Meal Plans to view those as well. Plus you get a Nutrition Guide Summary Page.

The Next Screenshot is of the easy to use Meal Log.  

p90x excel food journl log

Your Correct Nutrition Level, and Correct Food Portions are Automatically Calculated from your Body Weight Entry at the top of the Food Journal. No more flipping through Paper Meal Guides, and getting out a calculator and trying figuring out your numbers. This page does it all for you. You can change your Body Weight Daily, or at the recommended,  end of week Check Up. 

Then, Just place X'S or ANY CHARACTER in the above easy to use Food Journal.As you enter your consumed portions, watch as the program automatically counts your consumed  portions, and automatically calculates your calories. This is an easy way to let you know if you are on staying on track.

I use a 1-2 letter system, and I can easily get a quick look at what i ate for that Day. ie, F for Fish, C for Chicken, GB for Green Beans, E for an Egg, EW for egg whites,  T for Tuna, B for bread in the veggies row, B for Banana in the Fruit row, TJ for Turkey Jerky, CC for Cottage Cheese, etc. You can use any Letter system you want to use that has meaning for you.

If some of the letters are bad, ie BC for Birthday Cake, you could right notes on how clean your other meal choices were that day. If all other foods were clean, you could probably give yourself a B or B-.    Looks pretty simple to me.  Just a Few Key Strokes and that's it.

Your program also keeps track of your water if you want. The total ounces block turns green when you meet the minimum requirements mentioned in the nutrition guide.

THE MASTER SCHEDULE has links to ALL 91 meal logs. All the meal logs have the usual, easy to use navigation buttons, so you can zip back to the main calendar with ease, or any other place you want to go (ie, Weekly Totals Page, Daily Calories Report, the Meal Plan for that current Phase, etc.)

There is a link on every meal journal for that weeks Portion Summaries. You not only get a daily record of your nutrition, but a weekly snapshot as well.  You get all 13 weeks of Nutrition Summaries.

As you can see, you get a nice report of how your week went on the portion plan.  And Yes, the underlined dates are clickable links to the Meal Logs for that week, plus all the usual links for easy navigation.

p90x excel spreadsheet week 1 food journal summary

+++++ Also Included is A Daily Calories Summary Report to compare actual calories with your target calories.

p90x excel daily calories report


p90x excel daily calories graph

I know I haven't filled you in on all the features of this program. You're probably pretty tired reading all this.

As you can see, from the description above, and all the screenshots, you get quite a lot for only $9.95.

I created this program template with MS Excel 2007 and saved it as a 97-2003 template file which most people have.

(A template is a file, that once opened, can be saved under any name, leaving the original file intact to be used over and over again.)

However, this is no mere template. All the pages are interlocked together via menus and links for easy navigating.

Save yourself any spreadsheet creation headaches and Wasted Hours because I have done it all for you.

The file Works with Windows MS Excel 2000-2007. 


 ***** Not Recommended for Excel 97 customers due to all the graphics, and and the thousands of cell formats.
  ****** Update.  Not Recommended for MAC Excel 2008 users either.

Just check out all the screenshots, and if this is something you can use I will provide any support you need.

(Due to different versions of Excel, Monitor Sizes, Resolution Settings, and Graphic Cards, the screen colors and screen fit, may not Be exactly as shown. What you see is how it looks on my screen. This gives you an idea of what is included in the program and what it looks like. 

If you ever lose or accidentally mess up a template, just let me know and I will send you another one.

I am the creator of this product. You have permission to modify the program for your own personal use but No resale or pass along rights are granted. You can install it on as many computers as you need to, as long as it is for use by your immediate family.

Our Guarantee:

30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If not happy, let me know within 30 days and I will refund 100% of your money.

Get It Here for 

Only $9.95!

Pay Now And Get Immediate Access To This

Excel Workout Tool 



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